Data Accelerator

Institution University of Cambridge
Client Procs Per Node
Client Operating System CentOS
Client Operating System Version 7.7
Client Kernel Version 3.10.0-957.10.1.el7.x86_64


Storage Type NVMe
Volatile Memory 192GiB
Storage Interface NVMe
Network OPA (2x OPA HFIs per server)
Software Version 2.13 (tip of master branch as of running)
OS Version CentoS 7.7


Client Nodes 10
Client Total Procs 320
Metadata Nodes 24
Metadata Storage Devices 1
Data Nodes 24
Data Storage Devices 288


Easy Write 435.70 kIOP/s
Easy Stat 1,184.27 kIOP/s
Easy Delete 129.62 kIOP/s
Hard Write 29.81 kIOP/s
Hard Read 59.01 kIOP/s
Hard Stat 65.40 kIOP/s
Hard Delete 10.74 kIOP/s

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